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Travel Pictures - NEW ZEALAND - 1992

All images Ron Miller

     Although the two main islands that comprise New Zealand are only the size of California, the variety of beauty in the Kiwi nation rivals that of the entire world. New Zealand, which sits more than a thousand miles off the southeast coast of Australia, was the last of the world's large landmasses to be colonized by the human race (Polynesian voyagers about a 1000 A.D.). I have just a few photos from the nation that has the world's southernmost capital - and no, it is NOT Auckland!

The picturesque setting of New Zealand's largest city (but NOT its capital). The city and suburbs are dotted with
many dormant, volcanic cones including the grassy crater from which I took this photo -
Auckland, New Zealand

View of the north island's lush and rocky coastline from the pinnacle Paritutu -
near New Plymouth, New Zealand
The world's southernmost capital rests at the southern end of the north island -
Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand fur seals have puppy-dog eyes but teeth like a lion -
Kaikoura, New Zealand
My lovely Kiwi host, Annie, from New Plymouth, New Zealand -
(picture taken in Prague, Czechoslovakia)
The Southern Alps rise up dramatically from the South Island's west coast -
Lake Matheson, New Zealand
This icy tongue is said to be one of the few glaciers in the world that is actually advancing.
A long line of climbers can be seen traversing the lower end of the glacier -
Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand
This is where bungee jumping got its start -
Kawaru Bridge, New Zealand

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All images Ron Miller
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