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Travel Pictures - JAPAN - 1992

All images Ron Miller

     Although my visit to Japan was rather brief (two weeks), I was able to see a good portion of the country while meeting a diverse range of people. I traveled primarily by hitchhiking, which unexpectedly became a "vehicle" to open a window into the culture. I also was fortunate to have several Japanese hosts - all of whom I met while traveling in other countries during the previous year. 

Takayuki and Miki, two of my wonderful Japanese hosts -
Tokyo, Japan
Me and Takayuki atop Tokyo's tallest building -
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple -
Senso-ji Temple; Tokyo, Japan
Me posing with a truck driver and my hitchhiking sign; "Kyoto direction" -
near Tokyo, Japan
Unmistakably Japanese -
Golden Pavilion; Kyoto, Japan
Japan's tallest pagoda -
Toji Temple; Kyoto, Japan
My generous and selfless host Kunimitsu who gave me a lift, a tour, and a meal! -
Nagoya, Japan
The Japanese Alps are as spectacular as the European counterpart -
Kamikochi, Japan
A quiet market for fruits and vegetables; typical of Japan, many of the fruits were segregated by appearance -
 Takayama, Japan
Japanese school children visiting one of Japan's most famous historic sites -
Matsumoto Castle, Japan
Hard working Japanese school children that I inadvertently got into big trouble! -
Matsumoto, Japan
The culture of conformity is instilled at an early age -
Matsumoto, Japan
Were the buildings built to support the billboards? -
Kofu, Japan
My thoughtful guides Toru and Miki prior to our attempted ascent of Japan's highest peak -
Mt. Fuji, Japan
Miki posing on a steep slope of volcanic scree as clouds move in -
Mt. Fuji, Japan
Toru, Miki, Tak, and the Great Buddha of Kamakura -
Kamakura, Japan
A time to be diplomatic as my delightful host family eagerly awaits my opinion regarding their favorite seaweed! -
Yokohama, Japan
Toru on his way to complete an examination as part of his job interview -
Yokohama, Japan

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All images Ron Miller
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