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Travel Pictures - GREAT BRITAIN - 1991

All images Ron Miller

             Just a few pictures from the very beginning of my first around-the-world journey.
        I only spent ten days in Great Britain, beginning in London, England and ending in
        Aberdeen, Scotland. Although I was traveling within a foreign country, the common
        language and modernity were ideal for developing my "travel legs" in addition to
        gaining an appreciate  for two modes of travel - trains and hitchhiking. All of the photos
        shown were taken in Scotland.

The spacious compartments and huge viewing windows make trains my favorite mode of travel -
near Glasgow, Scotland

Who would expect anything less in Scotland than a city park devoted to putting? Although it is commonly believed that golf was
invented in Scotland, there are many ancient references to a game similar to golf on the European mainland  - and even in China!
However, the modern game of golf evolved in Scotland from a more primitive game in which pebbles were knocked around with sticks
or clubs. Golf was even banned in Scotland during the 15th century because it was interfering with military training (archery practice) -
Edinburgh, Scotland

This lovely valley, Glen Nevis, is were I was introduced to hitchhiking. The valley sits at the foot of Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis.
Me and my travel companions were unable to make the ascent of the 4,406-foot peak because of Scotland's notoriously harsh weather -
Glen Nevis, Scotland
My good friend Iris is preparing to hitch a ride "East German" style. Her foolproof method involves jumping
in front of oncoming vehicles while waving her arms over her head. It is very effective indeed! -
near Fort William, Scotland
The colorful launching point for the ferry to the Island of Skye -
Mallaig, Scotland

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All images Ron Miller
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