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Travel Pictures - HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, & PANAMA - 1994

All images Ron Miller

     I entered Central America from Mexico and traveled across Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica before flying to Panama. The countries were quite dissimilar which was surprising when considering the similar histories in addition to the close proximity of the nations. Although the scenery and culture varied to a large degree, the one constant in all of the countries - unfortunately - was a dysfunctional economy.

Helados is Spanish for health food (a.k.a. ice cream). This vendor was selling the frozen treat in the center of the Honduran capital -
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
This amiable Honduran teacher, Hector, volunteered to guide me through his country's most impressive Mayan ruins -
Copan, Honduras
Although this beach presented itself as a tropical paradise, stepping into the jungle invited swarms of winged hypodermic needles! -
near Tela, Honduras
Border crossings in Central America often "border" on chaos -
near Ocotol, Nicaragua
This beautiful colonial architecture has survived the many years of civil unrest -
Leon, Nicaragua
A typical busy street scene in a Nicaraguan town -
somewhere in Nicaragua
A classic example of a lenticular cloud forming as most air is forced over a mountain summit.
The picture is blurry because it was taken at dusk and from a moving bus -
Volcano Concepcion; Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
I watched from my hotel balcony as these boys skillfully gathered coconuts - the hard way -
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
In 1994, Nicaragua was certainly not a haven for tourists as it was nearly devoid of tourist infrastructure.
However, this tranquil beach-side village on the Pacific Ocean was very inviting -
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
A powerful waterfall near the foot of the Volcano Arenal -
near La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Although this is not a great photo of the amazing leafcutter ants, these remarkable insects clear a long, meandering path several inches
in width across the forest floor and create a jungle highway with a steady stream of ants transporting cut sections of leaves.
The tiny ants are scarcely visible, and the leaves they carry appear to be traveling magically in defiance of gravity.
It is remarkable to see such organization and industriousness in the jungle.
near La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Many travelers were arriving at this active volcano to witness first-hand the frequent eruptions. However, I was not prepared for
this eruption! Prior to the eruption, the volcano emitted an assortment of eerie sounds that varied from the hissing of a
steam train to the roar of a jet engine. The eruption itself was loud and intimidating and nearly had me running in place!
Volcano Arenal, Costa Rica
Vegetables, including these onions, were for sale on the street -
Panama City, Panama
On these colorful buses, patrons pay their fare with American dollars -
Panama City, Panama

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All images Ron Miller
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