Readers Comments – Escape From The Happy Cannibal:

Like many an adventurer before him, Mr. Miller traveled the world seeking the highs and lows, the funny and absurd, as well as the tragic and inspirational experiences the world has to offer in search of timeless truths. His journey of discovery is an honest and engaging account from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. It both transports the reader in time and space as well as challenges the too often held conventional beliefs of the role of culture in shaping individuals and societies. For anyone whoever paused in life's journey at the fork of the Road Less Traveled, and wondered; this is an absolute must read.

Richard Hale
Knoxville, TN

A fascinating insight into a young man's quest for knowledge:

Ron Miller's "Escape from the Happy Cannibal" is at times a very funny book, yet it also manages to touch readers deeply. Rarely do we encounter a young man so honest about his perspectives about life. In the end it is perhaps Miller's innocence that is so appealing. He admits he started out life in a protective environment, and the fact that he had the courage to push himself beyond the safety of his culture is both surprising and admirable.

Fresh is not too strong a word for the perspective Miller offers us as he wends his way around most of the world. His tales of travel cannot be separated from the affect they have on him personally because as the subtitle "A Journey of The Soul" suggests, this is a very personal adventure, one that transforms the author with every new village or port he enters.

Written in a readable, very charming style this book salts every personal experience with details that manage to give us a tangible sense of the people and places highlighted in the book. The fact that this tale ends with a strongly Christian message puts it in a different category from most travel books. This aspect of the journey will appeal or not appeal according to each reader's belief system.

The photographs in this important book are outstanding. An amazing technicolor travel album, the photos speak almost as eloquently as the nicely wrought text. I highly recommend this interesting and unusual book. Especially to young people who might be considering a junket to foreign lands themselves. It is both a spiritual manual and a fascinating guidebook.

"Escape from the Happy Cannibal" should be on every would be traveler's bookshelf.

Carole A. Borges
Knoxville, TN

Escape From The Happy Cannibal is written as well as any travel book currently on the market.

Jack Skeen
Manager, Borders Bookstore
Knoxville , TN

I enjoyed your book very much. It reads easy (though not an easy read) because it flows nicely and is written in a user friendly style. I love your style – the perfect mix of humor, sarcasm and every now and then a turn to total seriousness. You are able, unlike most people I know, to laugh at yourself. You are very adept at not giving too much information and not too little. Loved the maps, they could even have given more info. It is a ‘full’ book, it captured my attention and made me think and rethink and it is much thicker than it looks Economic use of space or crammed with words? - One sure does get [their] moneys worth. I loved traveling with you to new destinations as well as to old well known places.

Elsabe Retief
Saskatoon, Canada

You are a wonderful writer, and I wish I would have the skills and self-discipline to sit down and write such an interesting book as you have written. Mostly, I don't think I could come up with anywhere near as much to say about my travels as you have done about yours. I can be reflective, but I especially admire your ability to view your experiences in some larger sense, and to extract broader lessons from other's perspectives as well as from your own. That's a special skill and you do it well.

I also want to thank you for capturing some of the common experiences that we who travel know well, but perhaps never adequately articulate even to ourselves. Seeing described in print [those] experiences similar to our own, with similar notions arising from them, gives us affirmation that our reactions perhaps weren't so unusual, and we weren't actually crazy after all.

Thank you again for providing me with many enjoyable hours of reading and for sometimes making me think about things in enlightening and empowering ways.

Dean Oman
Experienced World Traveler, Washington D.C.

        I have read this book not only as a travel diary, but also as a spiritual journey into and along with Miller's soul. The photos and the maps are wonderful and help bring his audience along with him on his physical journey. The way he brings the physical and spiritual together reminds his audience that this is his journey and encourages all of us to look inward through our own life experiences to seek to know the Truth. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for all but the youngest readers.

Patrice Denton
Huntsville, AL

Entertaining, educational, and thought provoking!


Ron Miller has a writing style that I highly enjoyed. He added humor in areas that fit, left the areas serious that needed to be serious and got me, a well traveled person, thinking about the world again and, this time, in a better light! His journey to understand himself through other people and cultures, which ultimately showed him he had to travel within himself, was very interesting to read.

His recounting of the visits to his heritage has me wanting to go to Ireland and meet my heritage! The courage and fortitude that Ron showed on his journeys and put to words in the book are outstanding!

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn a bit of history about the world we live on, more about various cultures out there, and how people respond because of their cultures, and about a journey of a lifetime of one person. You will find some interesting new twist in your life from reading this book!

Donald Bell
Annapolis , MD